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yo my science teacher did that after a week of knowing me and her assistant teacher joined in and then they were like don't worry we love you and I seriously considered dropping the class

godddd its so uncomfortable when people do that im sorry your science teacher and the TA did that to you thats just. ughh

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those people that try to ‘jokingly’ make fun of you when you dont know them well enough to be comfortable with that

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people dont understand how much i love my cat i love her so much i get so upset at the thought of anything happening to her and i dont care how pathetic that might seem i dont care i love her and i want her to be safe and happy

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i looked everywhere and  i couldnt find jubi and i got so scared that i started crying and i finally found her in the other room (that she usually never goes into) hiding behind some stuff but im still crying i was so scared she got out when that guy came over today or that something happened to her and i jst dont know whatd i do if something happened to her that was so scary im crying

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why am i getting a bunch of new followers

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seikoshinohara replied to your post: everyone liking my posts but no one ac…

i am never battling u again

why nOT

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everyone liking my posts but no one actually offering smh

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someone battle me on the pokemons

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oh god i didnt mean to get so attached to these two but i DID. meet my two adopted shiny babies

fennekin is female and she has a naughty nature with a mischievous personality. how cute is that. sneaky little foxy

zorua is male and he is impish and strong willed. so of course the two of them would get into lots of trouble together

i dont even know if i want to evolve either of them because they are so CUTE but here they are. look at my babies

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this dumb little spike ball is growing on me :/

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